Biden Proves He’s a Coward When Asked If He Would Debate Trump Right Now (VIDEO)

Joe Biden was asked if he’s ready to debate Trump as he exited a boba shop in Las Vegas, Nevada this week.

“I’d like to call for, immediately, debates,” Trump said on “The Dan Bongino Show” on Monday.

“I’d like to debate him now because we should debate. We should debate for the good of the country,” Trump added.


Reporters in Vegas asked Biden about Trump’s call for an immediate debate.

“Trump says he’s ready to debate you right now. Do you accept?” a reporter asked Biden.

“If I were him, I’d wanna debate me, too!” Biden said. “He’s got nothing else to do.”

Biden is a coward. He is unable to debate Trump without the protection of a moderator (and co-debater) like Chris Wallace who will intervene on his behalf and carry him across the finish line.


Biden also lashed out at Speaker Johnson as the Senate border bill stalled in Congress.

The Senate’s $118.28 billion national security supplemental package allocates $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

Only $20.23 billion was allocated to secure the US border amid an unprecedented invasion of military-age males from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and China.

“The border, I’ve been asking since the first thing. The first bill introduced was on the border. We don’t have enough agents. We don’t have enough folks…. We need help. Why won’t they give me the help?” Biden said while speaking to reporters in Vegas.

Biden never takes responsibility for anything and he’s afraid to debate Trump.


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