Ben Bergquam Shows the Destructive Policies Of Biden’s Open Borders in New York City: “This Is Coming To Every City In America” (VIDEO)

Real America’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam was in New York City showing viewers firsthand the consequences of open borders. He was talking about the costs of housing illegal aliens within the city.

Bergquam was in New York City’s Times Square and was talking about the Row Hotel. “1400 rooms now being used to house illegals. It used to be a hotel for people that were coming in, for tourists that were coming in. Now try and get a room in midtown Manhattan. Can’t do it, or your gonna get it but it’s $500 a night because we are using them to house illegals.”

Ben also showed a bunch of parked scooters that were used and stolen by illegals. “New York is spending $9.8 million a day the contract on this hotel for 6 months is $43 million.” He said the total for 3 years will be $12 billion to house illegals. Overwhelming.

He went into different stores nearby to talk to shop owners who were angry about what was going on. A lot of them were afraid to be on camera for fear of getting attacked. He was filming illegals in the area who didn’t want to be on camera.

Bergquam said BLM is responsible for starting this because they called for defunding the police. As a result, the less police presence makes it easier for these illegals to take over these areas.


The reality is that Democrat policies are to blame for this disaster. The Biden regime and corrupt leftists at the State and Municipal levels of government are plunging cities like New York into the toilet.

Last month The Gateway Pundit reported that New York was distributing flyers at the southern border telling the illegals that “you are better off” somewhere else. It is ironic because these leftists originally wanted to be sanctuary cities. How quickly their tune changes when they are overrun with illegals.

New York Democrats distributed flyers at the US-Mexico border telling illegals to “consider another city.”

Last month, Mayor Eric Adam’s office announced this plan to “combat misinformation at the border.”

The flyers are in both Spanish and English and warned the illegals that New York City is the most expensive city in the world so they will be better off somewhere else.


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