'Baywatch' Star Nicole Eggert Now Regrets Getting Implants at 18, Warns Young Women: 'Leave Your Bodies Alone'

Nicole Eggert was introduced to the world in the 1990s when she starred on the TV show Baywatch aged just 18. The pressures that followed pushed her to make a decision she has regretted ever since.

The former actress, who played Summer Quinn, says she had breast implants to increase her appeal, “I regret it now, of course,” she said in an interview with People, and counsels any girl thinking of such surgery today to not think like she did at the time.

“I look at all these younger girls doing it and think, ‘God, leave your bodies alone!’ But when you have to put on that one-piece and it’s like you’re so flat that it’s like pleating — you got pleats across the front…” she continued. “You’re like, ‘What is this?’ Nothing you can do. You can’t stuff it with anything. You can’t do anything.”

File/Portrait of American actress Nicole Eggert, one of the stars of the tv series ‘Baywatch’ in 1992. (Fotos International/Getty)

As she matured, she began to question the motivations behind her choice and the impact it had on her body image. “It was a stupid 18 year old decision,” she says, reflecting on going under the knife.

Since then she has had multiple breast augmentation surgeries, and in 2015 she appeared on E! reality show Botched to have her breast size reduced.

The People report notes Eggert is now ready to share more about her ups and downs in a new documentary detailing her experiences on the beach series.

Actress Nicole Eggert, actor David Charvet, actor David Hasselhoff, actress Alexandra Paul, actress Pamela Anderson and actor Jeremy Jackson (in back) attend “Baywatch” Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour on April 17, 1993 at Universal Studios in Universal City, California. (PRon Galella Collection via Gett)

With the help of filmmakers Matthew Felker and Brian Corso, Eggert produced and stars in the upcoming doc, Baywatch: The American Dream.

It promises to dive deeper into the pop culture phenomenon and features the top-billed cast members, who also open about their personal struggles and thoughts on the long-standing syndicated show.

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