Another Day in Los Angeles: Five Suspects Crash Into Victim and Rob Him in Broad Daylight on Busy Highway

Crime in California is rampant.  There is no question.  Last month, The Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor reported that over 200 businesses in Oakland went on strike as the city reported over 10,000 stolen cars in just nine months.  In August, TGP’s Cassandra MacDonald wrote about a California councilman that was robbed while talking to business owners about crime rates.

But “even by LA standards in a city that is riveted by car chases, this incident stands apart.”  Yesterday, FOX 11 Los Angeles reported on a “brazen robbery” on the I-10.  Several suspects appear to have caused a crash with another vehicle on the freeway.  The occupants of the wrecked minivan that allegedly instigated the wreck exit the vehicle in masks and hoodies and are captured on cell phone camera robbing the victim of the vehicular assault.  There appears to be at least five suspects in total who quickly ransack the wrecked vehicle and then jump into a white Chevy sedan and flee the scene.

The driver can be seen on their knees with their hands up as the crashed vehicle is robbed by the five men.  Another man, seemingly unaffiliated with the highway robbery, can be seen standing nearby filming the incident.  He appears to be pointing out the white Chevy’s license plate.

The witness who filmed the event told FOX 11 that the black sedan flew past him with the front-right tire “toast[ed]” as they were being pursued by the minivan.  Once the crash occurred, the witness stated there were no guns involved but the victim driving the sedan “put his hands in the air and he complied.  And I feel like that’s the best thing he could have done.”

California Highway Patrol is reportedly treating this as a ‘vehicular assault with robbery.’

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón, who received $4.7M from the Soros-backed Justice and Public Safety PAC in 2020, has been scrutinized by staff as being an “authoritarian” and “toxic”, resulting in prosecutors quitting and creating a backlog of cases.  According to the New York Post:

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón is an “authoritarian” and “toxic” manager whose ultra-woke approach has led scores of prosecutors to quit and 10,000 cases to pile up, sources tell The Post.

Justice is not being served in the most populous county in the nation because Gascón has driven talent away, demoted top lawyers and fights anyone who doesn’t share his views, according to multiple sources who have worked for him.


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