'Amazing Grace': Iowa Teen Learns to Walk Again After Traumatic Brain Injury

An Iowa teen has been dubbed “Amazing Grace” by local media after making huge strides in her recovery from a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Grace Pauley, 15, has gone through several months of rehabilitation since getting into a car accident in September. Despite her setbacks, she has beaten the odds and learned how to walk again, reports KETV.

When Pauley arrived at the Madonna Rehabilitation facility in Omaha, Nebraska, she was not doing so well, according to occupational therapist Lauren Cox.

“She had multiple complexities that we were dealing with — vision, weight bearing precautions, limited movement in her arms, in her legs, and so initially, we were just working on her arousal,” Cox told the local outlet.

The news crew followed Pauley through a rehab session where she practiced balancing and walking on an elliptical machine.

“I’m just the best patient ever,” the teen said, adding a message of gratitude for her care team.

“It means the world to me. They’ve cared for me for months. Four months. They just have done a lot for me, and I’m getting better.”

Pauley’s father, Chris Buck, could not hide his emotions when speaking about his daughter’s success.

“It’s like seeing your daughter do everything again for the first time,” Buck said. “You know, it’s amazing.”

The high-schooler is still pushing strong even as she struggles with mental setbacks from her TBI.

“Then we continued to push her a little bit harder every day and she was resilient and kept making huge strides. And to where she’s at today,” Cox said.

Now, Pauley is excited to be able to go home.

“It was a lot of work, and I’m still doing a lot of work at home and here, but it’s good to have all the surrounding communities help support me through all this hard work,” she said.


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