Alan Winston Filion Created a Website and Was Selling His Swatting Services Online to Radical Leftists Where They Could Purchase His Swat for a Fee

Teen swatter Alan winson Filion was selling his services online to radical leftists for a fee.

California teen Alan Filion, a 17-year-old from California, was arrested and is now facing legal repercussions in Florida for his alleged involvement in a series of dangerous swatting incidents across the United States.

The Seminole County State Attorney’s Office announced that Filion was extradited to Florida on January 30 to face charges related to a swatting call made to a mosque, marking a significant development in a case that highlights the dangerous trend of swatting.

The incident in question involves a threatening call made to the Masjid Al Hayy Mosque in Sanford, Florida, in May 2023. Filion allegedly claimed he was armed with a handgun and explosives, intending to commit a mass shooting “in the name of Satan,” a claim underscored by the sound of gunfire played during the call. This hoax prompted a massive law enforcement response, with approximately 30 officers dispatched to the mosque.

FOX 35 reported, “The teen’s arrest affidavit states that he has been offering to treat this like a job since 2021, offering to make swatting calls for money all over the country. Investigators captured an online post they said Filion made, offering to call 911 about a gas leak or fire for $40 or make a mass shooting or bomb threat for $75.”

Approximately 30 politicians, journalists, and other political figures have swatted in America since November.

Filion’s activities extend beyond this single incident. He is accused of targeting a wide range of institutions, including high schools, historically Black colleges, mosques, FBI offices, and even making bomb threats against military bases and the Pentagon.

But mostly conservatives were targeted by the young criminal.

OHOUR on X is posting more information on Alan Filion and his customer base.
Via Catturd2

OHOUR: The reason why victims of Alan Winston Filion are not being contacted is because of his accomplices.
They have to build a case for each person who purchased the service.
They then send it to the grand jury for charging.
These cases are serious like 30 years in prison serious.
They have to confiscate their devices one by one and trace their activity.
Think of it like a terror network at the point.

Filion was raking in thousands.

Of course, this is being ignored by the mainstream media.

OHOUR: Im 8th on media covering Alan Winston Filion
The media is ignoring this huge story
Because its not Right Wing crazy enough for them.
In fact it leads right back to radical leftists who paid to have Rep MTG and catturd2 and many others swatted.
Wait until the ones who purchased the service get arrested its going to be interesting.

This is going to be one story to watch!

OHOUR: People are focusing to much on the Swatter
The real tell will be the people who purchased his services through his website that the FBI confiscated last week.
They have the Bitcoin traces now.
This is going to get very interesting once they charge his accomplices who paid for his services.
Alan Winston Filion was in a sense a hired hitman by 100s of people.


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