14-Year-Old Football Player Dies After Suffering Brain Injury During Game

An eighth-grade football player in Houston, Texas, died last week from a brain injury he suffered during the game.

The brain injury occurred on October 11 during a Southwest Football League Game. Cain Lee, 14, languished in a coma at Texas Children’s Hospital for three weeks until he died on October 30. His father, Cody Lee, remembered his son as a charitable young man during a talk at Friendswood Methodist Church on Wednesday.

Cain Lee died after spending weeks in a coma.


“We were in Wellington living for a short period, and Cain was a friend to everyone,” Lee said, as reported by the New York Post. “I noticed a young man wearing a sweater, and I don’t know all the kids’ clothes.”

“I probably don’t even know all my clothes. And I said, ‘He’s got a sweater like you.’ He said, ‘Well, he didn’t have anything nice, Dad. So I’ve been sneaking clothes from home to give him my clothes so he wouldn’t be embarrassed when he was in school,’” he added.

Troy Carroll, one of Lee’s relatives, said in a Facebook post he had only a half-hour to live after the initial injury; he lasted three weeks instead.

“After Cains injury on an 10-11-23 they gave him 30 minutes to live,” the post read. “To prove them wrong and crush their expectations he did 22,840 minutes. 928 times better than what the best doctors in the world thought he could do. And to me that is one of the best descriptions I can give you of his amazing life.”

“Cain has never set his goals to just be better than everyone else. But he was on a completely different level of his own. Cain lived his life by the rule of ONE MORE REP,” he added. “One more rep on loving harder than anyone else. One more rep on running a sprint, jumping a box jump, lifting weights.”


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